When you click rate on the 'Ship Packages' page you will NOT be charged for postage yet. You will simply be taken to another page where you can view shipping rates/services available for purchase.

If you are using a live key(not test key) you will be charged for the selected postage when you click purchase label on the rate page.

Address Presets are a way to quickly fill out the ship to address with a single click. Just select your preset from the dropdown menu and click apply. Presto!

Address Presets correspond to Customers on the Customers page.

Presets can be created by filling out the Ship To address and clicking the 'Save Address Preset' button.

Address Presets can also be managed from the 'Customers' page. Again, Address presets and Customers are essentially the same thing.

When creating a label, the 'Ship From' address will always default to the address stored on the 'Account' page.

Return labels can be purchased by selecting the 'Return Label' checkbox on the 'Ship Packages' page.

This will create a label to ship from the 'Ship To' address to your address stored on the 'Account' page.

Dimension Presets are a way to further streamline the shipping process by saving common package dimensions so that they can then be applied with a single click.

Dimension Presets can be saved by filling out the Package dimension form and clicking 'Save Dimension Preset'.

Dimension Presets can be deleted by selecting the preset in the dimension dropdown and clicking delete.

Dimension Presets are accessible on the 'Orders' page as well and can be created/deleted there also.

Clicking the 'Batch' button will attempt to purchase labels for all orders that are currently checked (Except for orders with an 'Incomplete' Label Status).

Orders with an 'Incomplete' label status can be completed by selecting them and clicking 'Batch'. This will not attempt to purchase them but simply complete the batch process so that you can retrieve their labels and view them in the shipments screen.

All orders need a set of Package dimensions to Batch. Give them dimensions by checking the orders you would like to apply dimensions to and then click 'Edit Dimensions'

Orders can be filtered by their 'Label Status', this is a powerful way to locate all orders of a certain type.

If an order has a 'Complete' label status, you can click on the status to retrieve it's label and all other labels that were included in it's batch.

Orders can be imported in two ways (CSV Import, Sync Orders)

CSV Imports can be done by following the default template or by mapping your own CSV file.

Sync Orders will automatically bring in any new orders from any integrations you have set up and enabled on the 'Tools/Settings -> Integrations' page

Orders must have Dimensions to batch.

You can edit orders' 'Service' and 'Dimensions' individually or in groups.

Order addresses must be edited individually.

When you're ready, select the orders you would like to purchase labels for and click 'Batch'.

Processing the batch can take 10 - 90 seconds depending on the batch size and number of integrations enabled.

When complete, you will be taken to the batch purchased page where you can print your labels if you like. Each order will have a shipment record created for it on the 'Shipments' page. All orders tied to an Integration will have Tracking and fullfillment status updated on their E-Commerce platform.

'Label Not Created' - A label has not been purchased for this order.

'Complete' - A label has been created for this order, a shipment record has been created on the 'Shipments' page, and Tracking Info/Fullfillment status has been updated on the orders E-Commerce platform if it is tied to an Integration.

'Failed' - A label could not be created for this order. For more information try hovering over the 'Failed' status for a tooltip. International orders will not ship in batches and must be shipped individually on the 'Ship Packages' page.

'Incomplete' - A label has been purchased for this order but the batch process has not completed, see the 'Incomplete Orders' section for more info.

Integrations are directly linked to the 'Orders' page and can be located under 'Tools/Settings -> Integrations'.

Once they have been set up, Integrations allow you to synchronize orders on an E-Commerce platform with AMS.WebShip using the 'Sync Orders' button on the 'Orders' page.

If an order's information changes on your E-Commerce platform you can simply click 'Sync Orders' again and all information will be updated.

While batching, orders tied to Integrations will update Tracking and fullfillment status on their E-Commerce platform.

Incomplete orders have the label status 'Incomplete' on the orders page.

Labels have been purchased for these orders, but a record in the shipments screen may not have been created for them yet, also tracking and fulfillment information may not have been synced back to their respective eccommerce platforms if they are orders from a specific Integration.

To complete these orders, select them on the orders screen and click batch. They will NOT be re-purchased and will be completed like a normal batch, allowing you to retrieve your labels at the end. Their status will be changed to 'Complete' after being completed.

The pick pack ship page/process is currently only available for Shopify orders.

Pick pack ship(pps) can be accessed by clicking the order number of a shopify order on the orders page.

Pick pack ship allows you to view items in an order and fullfill all of them. You can also fulfill only specific items and quantites in any particular order if you wish.

Pick pack ship allows for integration of barcode verification(though it is not required). If your items have barcodes, when on the pick pack ship screen you can scan the barcode, if it matches with one of the items in that order the picked quantity will increase by one. This is helpful when you are gathering items belonging to a specific order.

Once you are satisfied with the items you have picked, you can rate and purchase labels just like a normal shipment.

The shipments page is where all of your purchased labels are stored.

This is where you can access important information such as the tracking number for a label.

You can also reprint labels you have already purchased from the shipments page.

To refund a label go to the shipments page and select the refund button next to that label.

Refunds can take up to 14 days to process.

If you choose to refund a label and would like more information regarding that refund please login into your account and visit the shipments page.

A manifest is a USPS scanform. This is a single form with information regarding all of your labels/shipments for one day. This can be scanned by USPS to avoid scanning each individual label.

You can then view your manifests by clicking the "Manage Manifests" button on the shipments page.

To create a manifest click the create manifest button on the manifests page.

The address information on the 'Account' page will be your 'Ship From Address' when shipping on the 'Ship Packages' page and the 'Orders' page.

If you wish to edit any of your account information, go to the the 'Account' page, edit the information and select the 'Make Changes' button at the bottom.

You can change your password or delete your account by navigating to the 'Account' page and selecting the correspnding options.

Customers on the 'Customers' page correspond to your address presets on the 'Ship Packages' page and the 'Orders Page'. This is where you can edit/save/delete them.

Integrations offer seamless synchronization with eccommerce platforms when working with the 'Orders' page.

They allow for synchronization of newly created orders, fullfillment information and more.

Currently it is possible to create an integration with Shopify, Woo Commerce and Magento.

For more information on specific integrations and their setup visit the integrationspage.

The shipping calculator is a simple tool to provide comparisons between the rates we provide versus rates you would receive at the post office or at many other online providers.

The 'Support' page offers a simple interface to send our support team emails and ask for assistance. Responses will be sent to your account email address.

By checking the Send Shipment Notification. AMS.WebShip will send an email to the ship to email address if populated in the 'Ship' & 'Orders' Screen.

The auto print feature enables automatic printing of labels when they are purchased.

Currently, this feature only works when printing invoice type labels from the 'Pick Pack Ship' process on the 'Orders' page.

Setup for this requires you to download and install papercut ng print control software.

Once you have papercut ng installed you should create a gmail account that will act as the print server.

After setting up the gmail account create a user in Papercut NG.

Next, go to your printers in Papercut NG and add the email address you created to this printer.

Finally, navigate to options > mobile/byod and setup 'Email to print' using the same email address.

If you need further instruction check out the papercut ng site or watch this video. You may also email us via the 'Support' page if further assistance is needed.

This is where you can specify which type of label you would like to purchase/print.

PDF 4x6 labels are a very common size of label. These can be printed on any 4x6 label printer (Example Godex DT4).

PDF 8.5x11 labels can be printed on any printer(8.5x11) laser or inkjet.

Using the drop down boxes for Reference 1 & 2. This will allow you to specify what information you would like to print on the label.

The default order filter sets the filter that will be applied when you first navigate to the orders page.

If you enable the 'Hide Pre Orders' checkbox, any orders with 'pre order', 'pre-order', 'pre_order' or 'preorder' in the item description or any of the item names will be hidden.

The default shipment filter will hide all shipments older than the selected filter value.

Your Shipping key can either be filled out with a test key ( for test labels with no expense ) or a live key.

If you've linked to shipping provider during the account creation process or from the 'Account' page this will already be filled out with a Live key.

EasyPost is a highly regarded, widely utilized service we use to provide you with our special discounted postage rates.

EasyPost is also how we securely manage your billing information.

You must link your account to EasyPost in order to create/purchase shipping labels. If you didn't already do this during account creation you can link to EasyPost on your 'Account' page.

Visible SCM is the company we've partnered with to manage postage and billing services. You must create an account with Visible SCM in order to create/purchase shipping labels. You can access your Visible SCM account details through the 'Carrier Service Providers' page.